Clean Conscience

-1 1/2 oz Heavenly Vodka

- 1/2 oz raspberry vodka

- lime

- splash of soda

Muddle lime, add ice, vodkas and top with club soda.

Heavenly Cloud

- 1/2 oz Heavenly Vodka

- 1/2 oz toasted caramel whiskey

- touch of cream

Served as a shot

Angel Wings

- 1 1/2 oz Heavenly Vodka

- 2 oz half and half

Served over ice.

Malibu Wife

- 1oz. MalibuUs

- 1oz. FiveWivesVodka

- 1oz. Cranberry

- 1oz. Orange Juice 

Served over ice.

Summer in Heaven

- 1 1/2 oz Heavenly Vodka

- 5 oz cran-lemonade

Served over ice.

Jelly Bean 


- 1 cup of vodka

- Assorted jelly beans

 (8-12 oz. bag)

- 1 bottle of champagne

- Cocktail stirrers

Sort jelly beans into complimenting colors. Deposit i jars and fill with vodka until beans are submerged. Let sit 24-48 hours covered. Strain and reserve vodka. Pour a shot of flavored vodka into a glass, top with champagne. Sip and savor.

Devils Advocate

- 1 1/2 oz Sinful Vodka

- 1/2 oz whipped cream vodka - Splash of cream

Shake ingredients over ice and serve up.

Heavenly Blueberry

- 1 1/2 oz Five Wives Heavenly -- 1 oz blueberry juice

- 5 or 6 fresh blueberries

- splash sweet and sour

Muddle blueberries in a cocktail shaker. Add vodka, juice and sweet and sour mix. Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with skewered blueberries.

Anna Karenina

1oz. Sinful Vodka

.5oz coffee liqueur

3oz. half & half

Served over ice.

 Five Greyhounds

1.5oz FiveWivesVodka

5 oz. Grapefruit Juice

Served over ice.

Ginger Snap

1oz. Vodka 5 oz.

Mix in Ginger Ale

Pour over ice. 

Mormon Wife

1.5oz FiveWives Vodka

.5oz Lime Juice

4oz Ginger Beer

Serve with a lime wedge over ice!

Bad Apple

1oz Sinful vodka 

.5oz. apple Pucker

Cranberry juice

Served over ice.

3 Degrees

1oz Heavenly Vodka 

2oz. orange juice 

2oz. ginger ale 

Splash of blue curacao

Mix and serve over ice!

Cosmopolitan Wife

1.5oz FiveWivesVodka

1 tspn Vermouth

.5oz cranberry juice

Shake, lime zest and serve!

Angry Wives

1oz. Sinful Vodka

4oz Angry Orchard cider

Served on the rocks!

 Original Sin

1oz. Sinful Vodka

5 oz. apple juice

Served over ice.

Wicked Wives

1oz. Sinful Vodka 

1oz. peach schnapps

4oz. cranberry juice

Mix and serve over ice!

Cape Sin

1oz. Sinful Vodka &

5 oz. cranberry

Shake, lime zest and serve!


1oz. FiveWivesVodka Heavenly

5 oz. orange juice

Shaken over ice!