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Five Wives Vodka is made from alcohol derived from corn making it gluten-free.


Most experts on celiac disease believe that distillation removes enough of the harmful gluten proteins to render alcohol made from gluten grains gluten-free. In fact, the National Institutes of Health advises that distilled alcoholic beverages are safe to drink, even if they're made from gluten sources.

Many people are very sensitive to gluten cross-contamination get truly nasty gluten symptoms from any form of alcohol that started its life as gluten grains. By making Five Wives Vodka your choice, you don’t have to worry about what experts say, you can just know it is gluten-free.


The Celiac Sprue Association recommends against consuming gluten-based vodkas. It's not clear why this occurs. Some experts have speculated that tiny fragments of the gluten protein survive distillation, and that the immune systems of those who are especially sensitive to gluten can detect those partial pieces of gluten and react. It's also possible that there's something else in the grain — beyond the gluten protein — that survives distillation and causes a reaction in sensitive people.


Again, with Five Wives Vodka, you don’t have to worry about these conflicting bits of advice. Corn-based Five Wives is gluten-free.